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Two highback Humvees filled with Marines from the Maritime Special Purpose Force (MSPF) of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), practice firing their M240G medium machine guns while on the move during during live fire training on the Udari Range outside Camp Beuhring, Kuwait, Dec. 11, 2005. The 22nd MEU (SOC) is currently in Iraq conducting combat operations in the Al Anbar province.

Photo by Sgt. Robert A. Sturkie

MSPF wraps up live-fire training prior to Iraqi operations

30 Dec 2005 | Sgt. Robert A. Sturkie

The Maritime Special Purpose Force (MSPF) of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) sharpened its marksmanship, tactical driving, and close quarters combat skills during recent training on the Udari Range aboard Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

The MSPF is made up of the MEU’s Force and Battalion Reconnaissance, and Surveillance Platoons, and is a sub-unit within the MEU trained to execute a host of specialized combat missions.  Such tasking could include; deep reconnaissance, demolition operations, direct action, close quarters battle, and maritime interdiction.

The MSPF Marines and sailors participated in live-fire drills with their personal and crew-served weapons, became familiar with driving their Humvees in rough desert terrain, and practiced firing from moving vehicles.  The training culminated with two live-fire raids with the Marines ‘taking down’ simulated objectives.

This training evolution was the last undertaken by the MEU before it entered Iraq, where it is now conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province.

The 22nd MEU (SOC) consists of its Command Element, Battalion Landing Team 1st Bn., 2nd Marines, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 (Reinforced), and MEU Service Support Group 22.

For more information on the 22nd MEU (SOC)’s role in Operation Iraqi Freedom, visit the unit’s web site at
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