Safety Policy


    Our nation is at war and the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit will play a vital role in the prosecution of this war.  Every Marine, Sailor, and piece of equipment assigned to this command is needed to accomplish our mission - providing the Combatant Commander with a premier, fully operational and combat ready Marine Air Ground Task Force.  Safety is an integral component to our combat readiness whether that is in the air, on the ground, in the work center, or off-duty.  Combat Readiness does not come at the expense of safety; rather safety is part of being combat ready.  IF SOMETHING IS WORTH DOING, IT’S WORTH DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! 

    Safety = Professionalism.  Failure to do things in a professional manner results in mishaps and mishaps equate to mission failure.  We cannot afford to fail.  Safety and professionalism know no rank.  As professionals, we operate to the letter and spirit of published standards; we exercise mature and professional judgment; we do not take short cuts.  Approach every task and activity with the understanding that nothing is worth the loss of life, serious injury, or loss of equipment because we were distracted or became complacent. 

    Safety = Attitude.  Do not allow something unsafe or unprofessional to continue with the thought that someone else will take care of it.  We are all leaders of Marines - take charge!  Communicate!  Even the little things matter and can make the difference between success and failure.  Remember a sound plan professionally executed, from inception through execution, is inherently safe. 

    Safety = Readiness.  This attitude applies to everything we do in the work also applies to everything we do off-duty.  Approach every game, every trip down the highway, and the myriad of off-duty activities with the same understanding that nothing is worth the loss of life or serious injury.  Look out for your fellow Marines and Sailors, both on and off duty – they are your brothers and sisters. 

To all personnel assigned to 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit: 

• Display a professional attitude and demeanor – always. 

• Know and abide by established rules and procedures. 

• Aggressively participate in efforts to identify and eliminate hazards; make on-the-spot corrections. 

• Know and respect your limitations.   



22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit