Welcome Aboard


    Welcome Aboard! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit.  You are now part of a special and very unique unit – one of only seven in the Marine Corps.  
    Your tour here will be exciting and both professionally and personally rewarding.   Our Corps is engaged across the globe, and the 22d MEU plays an integral part in those engagements.  
    Family readiness is an integral element to the MEU’s overall combat readiness.  The Family Readiness Program is designed to keep our families informed and ready to meet the challenges that come our way.  The Family Readiness Command Team includes myself and my wife, the Executive Officer, the Sergeant Major and his wife, the Chaplain, the Public Affairs Officer, and several trained volunteers. Our Family Readiness Officer, Mr. Frank Smith, assists the Command Team with the execution of our Family Readiness Program. Mr. Smith plays an integral role in assisting the command with staying in touch with our families. We will work our hardest to:

- Maintain a network that provides information, help, referrals and support for our families.

- Maintain an open and effective communication link between the CO and the families.

- Assist families in finding and using available base and community resources.

- Provide a non-threatening emotional support network during times of difficulty and/or crisis.

    Being involved in the Family Readiness Program is a richly rewarding experience, and I would encourage your spouse or family member to consider becoming a volunteer. Please contact Mr. Smith at 


or at 910-451-0421 if you are interested or have questions.

Our ultimate goal is combat readiness, and we know Marines and Sailors are better able to focus on their job when they know their family is informed and taken care of.  My wife Rachel and I are excited to have you and your family aboard.  We have tremendous talent here that will help make you and your family’s experience with 22d MEU rewarding, enjoyable, and memorable.


Colonel, USMC

Commanding Officer,  22d MEU


22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit